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Product wholesale pages
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Smilie Face

Retailer's Complete
Scroll Necklace Assortment.
Save on product, your shipping is free!
The Scroll Retailer's complete Package includes:
5 Classic Scroll Necklaces
5 Bullet Scoll Necklaces
5 Leather Scroll Necklaces
5 Clear Scrolls
5 Sterling Silver Scroll Necklaces
1 Swarovski Scroll Necklace
Each kit comes with your printed contact information for re-orders. Your info added to our main Website
all wrapped in individual clear topped gift boxes encased in larger golden boxes for display.
Complete Dist. Kit
Order before October and receive
Free shipping in the continental U.S. and an assortment of plantable paper scrolls with every order!

Scroll Necklace
You carry the Secret inside
manifest your dreams with
the power of intention.
Scroll holder measures approx. 3/4"
(sizes vary due to individual nature.)
Only 1 Dozen wholesale Minimum
Classic Scroll Necklace



The Scroll Necklaces are designed with your ease in mind. All of the sets come wth pre-cut packaging with your personalized store info and phone numbers so that all re-orders are made through...YOU! 
 When you make your purchase, we will automatically create a template with your company name and phone number for tags that will be sent along with your items. If you would like the labeling to be different, please specify this in "additional notes" at the time of check-out.

Now Offered for Wholesale!
Sterling Silver Scroll Necklaces
(With charms, addtnl. $5 each, call to specify charms)
Without Sterling charm, Only $20 each
(Minimum 1 dozen wholesale)

Click buttons below for Necklaces without charms

Click buttons below for Necklaces with charms


Swarovski Scroll
Genuine Swarovski Crystals
mounted on a 24karat Gold Base.
minimum purchase of 3 Wholesale
Specify color of crystal with order please- Golden Sand, or Clear with aurora Borealis finish.



Glass Scroll
 Change the colors of the papers
and create a unique and beautiful
look every time!
$15 ea.
(minimum of 5 pieces.)


Recycled or
Faux Leather Scroll
(Whichever can be obtained
by means of recycling.)
Vision bead on a Faux leather string.
Hand knotted and comes with extra scrolls.
1 Dozen Minimum


Bullet Scrolls
Made from recycled Bullet Shells
I call it my ultimate turnaround.
Scroll is contained inside two shells,
one new and one aged.
(minimum 1 Dozen)

Good Karma or Hope Doll          
Same doll  - each with a different message....
      Each doll comes in a clear Vinyl baggie
    With sheets to write wishes upon and
   colorful sequin sparkles.
Minimum for wholesale is 2 Dozen.
These go fast!!!
$2.00 each.



Good Karma Doll
This Doll is not to eat or wear
This doll is just because you care.
If you've found this doll today, you have
Good Karma coming your way.
Believe in your wishes and write them down
Upon the sheets inside,
send them out to be discovered and your dreams have multiplied.
Share your dreams with others for they all have them too.
 All dreams are important for they are part of you.
So give this doll away or leave it out for someone to find.
So many wishes are granted through acts of being kind.
A portion of sales of each of these Good Karma Dolls will be donated to those in need of our help . The Charities that receive your donations will be chosen by you. Each different colored doll will be designated to a specific charity which will change as needs change.



Hope Doll

If you’ve found this doll today,

a message of hope has come your way.

Although at times it’s hard to see,

you are where you are meant to be.

Hope means seeing opportunity.


Comfort another with

 all that you’ve been through.

You are what you choose,

not what happens to you.


Believe in your dreams and

write them down upon the sheets inside.

Give this doll away and hope has multiplied.

                             Share your dreams with others,

 they all have them too.

All dreams are important

for they are part of you.


A portion of sales of each doll will be

 donated to those in need of our help.


Wisdom Blossoms

Pick a petal from the Wisdom Blossom.
Each wisdom blossom contains words of Wisdom
spoken over the ages by inspired minds and hearts.
Each petal is attached by
thin threads, allowing the option of plucking a petal
daily for 3 weeks. (21 Petals)
Each Blossom comes in a clear vinyl box with a
circular wooden stand.
Wholesale minimum is only 1/2 dozen.
$14 each.

Coffee Ground Jewelry
An extremely unique and
beautiful piece that is
extremely environmentally
friendly. (They really are made from
100% recycled coffee Grounds!)
Approx. 1 1/2"x 1 1/2"These pieces
are sure to get your customers talking
about your store..
...they actually market themselves!
Only 1 Dozen wholesale minimum
$16.00 ea.


Coffee Ground Teardrop
 Designer-Lisa Aust


Coffee Ground Tiki
Designer-Cindi Valverde

Coffee Ground Jewelry choose


Coffee Ground Tree


Scent Doll

Scent Doll
 Smells like you...    ...Smells like love..
Each of us has had a scent that reminds us of a special time, place or person in our life. This scent can bring us great comfort and joy. Usually the development of this scent is random however.

With a Scent Doll, You can Create a special bond of scent between you and your child. By wearing your special scent and scenting your child's scent doll, Your child can carry a comforting  reminder of your love with  them  today and always.

Each scent doll comes with in a gold box with a complimentary
scroll necklace (to be used in conjunction with scent doll),
a miniature scent journal for for holding and saving scents to remember,
8 Scent papers and directions for use.
The minimum for wholesale is 10
$14.00 ea.
Packaging reads as follows:
 Comfort Your Child or Pet with the scent of your love.


This Aromatherapy Doll for your child or pet will comfort them today and always with the smell of you.


It can be a wonderful aid with separation, first sleepovers, trips away or anytime they may need a reminder of your love.


Of all of the five senses, scent signals travel fastest to the brain sometimes triggering emotions even before a memory is recognized.


Studies have shown that mammals have the ability to recognize the  scent of amniotic fluid from  inside of the womb.  They can even distinguish the scent of their mother’s breast milk from another mother’s only two weeks after birth.


Although most of us can recall  a scent that triggers either a  painful  or joyful memory,  most of these memories have been left to chance.  The Scent doll is a wonderful beginning in our journey to consciously create a life full of wonderful memories and reminders of love for our

children or pets.



  Spray yourself with your personal scent, spray an unscented paper with the same scent and insert into the doll.  This can be cologne, perfume even shampoo. Whatever smells most  like you.  (Note: Do not spray scent directly onto doll as this Might be an irritant.)


Another way to integrate your scent with the scent doll is to take a piece of your clothing or a breast –feeding towel and insert into doll.  Any item that carries your scent.  Remember, we all carry scents that are part of our lifestyle so be realistic. Maybe you smell like oil paints or chocolate chip cookies?



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