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What is heartwork?

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 What is Heartwork?


Heartwork is a method that enables deep inner healing and self understanding as an Artist/Intuitive/healer translates ones deepest emotions from verbal word into material art form.


How does it work?


In a Heartwork session , a specific material will be chosen for expression; Clay, paper, wood etc. depending on the facilitator and their medium of choice for the situation.


A client will discuss an area in their life upon which they would like to focus. As they express their feelings verbally the facilitator will sculpt, draw or paint a translation of their inner emotions (making note of any blockages in belief or personal obstructions that they might be creating for themselves)

into physical form.


Once the Art piece is finished, the facilitator and client will both be able to make observations about the piece that come from a place that is more objective and clear as they discuss ideas for removing old beliefs and limitations.


At the end of the session, the client will be able to keep their Art piece for further observation and will be able to continue this process of personal growth as they view it.


When the client feels ready, a follow up session can be booked and a new art piece can be created to reflect the new state of awareness that they have come to in their life.


A heartwork series of sessions can also be booked to reflect the different stages of personal growth.


 We look forward to joining you as we come to a place of inner peace in your life through.




    Cost: Per 1 Hour sitting $95.00

Per 3 session Series (Recommended) $275.00


All sessions include the cost of materials.

Travel to you can be arranged.

Work over the phone may be arranged

depending on Facilitators preferences.

All Heartwork/Facilitator interactions are kept in the strictest of confidence.


Gift Certificates available.

Give a session itself as a gift or create a gift for another during your own session, wrapped and with a written story about the love behind the creation of their art piece.



Heart work facilitators are experienced Artists currently working in the field. These Artists have shown not only expertise in their field but are strong intuitive healers and are able to reflect these qualities in the Art pieces they create.