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If we could bring you more customers, would you provide a 20% discount?






It’s easy. Here’s how it works:




Submit 400 words about your product or service. Offer a 10% discount to our members to be advertised for one week. At the end of the week, we pay you for any orders, minus 10% for our services.




So, for example, if you usually offer 10 yoga classes for $130, you’d offer it for $117 to our members. In a week, we’d pay you $105.30 for every 10 classes bought. So for a discount of $24.70, you have new customers. That’s the best deal out there for advertising, plus you have the word-of-mouth benefit. Our members are health-minded and eco-conscious, so if they like your product/service, you know they’ll be talking it up with their friends, and likely increasing your circle of customers (and community!). You can offer more than a 10% discount, if you choose, but it must be a minimum of a 10% discount.




 Get started now! Send your 400 words to . Remember to include your contact information.