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Scent Doll

Smells like you...   
      ...Smells like love.



Comfort Your Child or Pet with the scent of your love.


This Aromatherapy Doll for your child or pet will comfort them today and always with the smell of you.


It can be a wonderful aid in transition from separation, first sleepovers, trips away or anytime they may need a reminder of your love.


Of all of the five senses, scent signals travel fastest to the brain sometimes triggering emotions even before a memory is recognized.


Studies have shown that mammals have the ability to recognize the  scent of amniotic fluid from  inside of the womb.  They can even distinguish the scent of their mother’s breast milk from another mother’s only two weeks after birth.


Although  most of us can recall  a scent that triggers either a  painful  or joyful memory,  most of these memories have been left to chance.  The Scent doll is a wonderful beginning in our journey to consciously create a life full of wonderful memories and reminders of love for our

children or pets.



Insert a pre-scented scentpaper into your scentnecklace by rolling it up tightly and slipping it into the middle of the bead.

Now, insert another sheet of the same scent into the inside of your  Scentdoll.


You may also, Spray yourself with your personal scent, spray an unscented paper with the same scent and insert into the doll.  This can be cologne, perfume even shampoo. Whatever smells most  like you.  (Note: Do not spray scent directly onto doll as this Might be an irritant.)


Another way to integrate your scent with the scent doll is to take a piece of your clothing or a breast –feeding towel.  Any item that carries your scent.  Remember, we all carry scents that are part of our lifestyle so be realistic. Maybe you smell like oil paints or chocolate chip cookies?


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