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Necklace Styles

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Classic Scroll
A Brass Vision bead
suspended on a Faux leather strap along with
three scroll papers and a micro crystal point.
Change out the papers regularly as you
manifest your dreams and for a new look.
Additional strings or scroll charms
can also be purchased
for different looks!
contact your local distributor for purchase.


Swarovski Crystal Scroll 
 This scroll can be worn with any color scroll inside because the prisms pick up whatever color they are next to.
The Crystals are mounted on a 24 karat gold plated scroll base.
These are Heirloom pieces handset by me with great attention to detail.
I stand by my craftsmanship...
 For the life of your piece, In the unlikely event that
 your vision bead should ever lose a
crystal I guarantee to replace it promptly and without cost.
These really look stunning!
To view more Swarovski Scrolls


Sterling Scroll
Solid Sterling Silver with a Sterling box chain,
The Sterling scrolls are subtle and understated and quite charming. The silver scrolls look nice alone or are a nice accent when worn with multiple scrolls.


Bullet Scrolls
This Vision Bead is made from two real
bullet shell casings. I refer to this antiqued
scroll necklace as my "Ultimate turnaround".
The scroll is nestled inside the two
shells yet still remains easy
to open for replacing new messages.
The bullet scroll comes on a Faux Leather
Strap and adjusts for size.
This style tends to appeal to both
masculine and feminine tastes.



Faux Leather Scroll
These are created from scraps of Faux
leather  They have a very nice appearance
and are both Feminine and Masculine pieces.


Clear Scroll
A scroll for all ages.
The clear scroll necklace
really shows off your chosen
scroll paper. It is also excellent
for communicating with others the "Language of the Scrolls"
The clear scroll comes on a long Faux leather strap, knotted on one end.

Please contact your distributor for prices on each style.