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Oprah and Gayle Scrolls?

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My sister....amazing....teacher, mother, wife , spirit, friend.

Oprah "The Secret Behind The Secret" 02/06/08 part 1
Oprah "The Secret Behind The Secret" 02/06/08 part 2
Oprah "The Secret Behind The Secret" 02/06/08 part 3

Handmade Galleries LA
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Ann shared with us the message written in her Necklace...
“I stay in the state of grace and gratitude while being surrounded by love, health, protection, abundance and joy.”
This keeps me in a sacred space to honor my purpose during my journey here. I continue to trust and flow in and with the Universe.


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Vision Beads can be threaded together to create a unique new design.

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Deanna, inspiring and beautiful Belly Dancer, Artists....person.


Currie.....a girl with the heart of an Angel.


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Scroll Necklace
Visualize what is possible
  appreciate what is.   
The Scroll Necklace carries a powerful message, the
message of your own heart.

Others may guide us along the way but it is the
beliefs that we keep that lead us to the life that we

At times thoughts may stray when fear and doubt creep
in. Keep this necklace as a guide back to the path
that leads to your personal harmony in this world.

As you write your message upon the scroll, visualize
your desires in great detail. If you like, you can
roll up a small photo, a quote or a prayer to put
inside your scroll, whatever brings you comfort or

Read your note regularly as you watch your outer life
shift to mirror the new beliefs that you now carry.

You are the magic that you have been waiting for all
of your life! What messages are you carrying? Perhaps
it's time for ones that are new...


The Scroll Necklace came about in a really interesting way...
 I had already created a necklace called a "Scent Necklace". I created the necklace to carry papers that are scented. On these Scent papers people write dreams that they want to manifest.
Not long after creating the Scent Necklace with these little scented scrolls inside, I watched the movie
" The Secret "  I was amazed at the synchronicity and felt that this just confirmed that I was on the path to my own dream of creating an art piece that would inspire others...       even change their lives.
  And so I offer to you the Scroll Necklace.
That it may allow you to see possible the dreams that you carry in your heart. This is your life, find your Joy!
Thankyou for your support and Enjoy manifesting your dreams. Remember, Thoughts become things.


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My Daughter Sarah... Photographer, writer and all around wonderful human being.


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Brody Stevens... Surfer magazine's next big superstar!


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Dillon....his curiousity will take him to great places.



Denise Aka Mrs. Divine of Mrs. Divine cookies- inventor of the SpeedBeader.


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Seeking Artists for "The Lucky Necklace Project"


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