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Simple actions you can take to create a more peaceful environment for all us all:
Please stop plastic bottle consumption!  Did you know that Plastic is a Petroleum derived product?
We are not simply dependent on oil for our cars!!!!
Buy just a few glass or heavy duty plastic containers and refill them with water that is healthy right from the tap:
Purchase condensed juices, teas and other mixes and add water. This saves on the containers and is much more healthy for your body.
Plan out your trips when taking a drive so less gas is consumed. Share a ride whenever possible.
Cut down on meat consumption- The processing of beef means clear cutting of trees and wiping out species in one fell swoop. The body does not digest large quantities of meat efficiently anyway.  Cultures without meat consumption are shown to have citizens that live longer, healthier lives.
Purchase clothing and goods that have already been manufactured. Do not frown upon Garage Sales or thrift stores. Wearing clothing that is recycled shows your resourcefulness and care for conscious living.
Re-use or Donate:
Printer Cartridges, the other side of used paper, newspaper, anything!!!! Donate what you do not have time or energy to re-use.
Learn about how things are made- The more you are aware of what goes into the process of making something, the less likely you are to toss an item out before re-using it or using less in the first place.
Buy Handmade goods in limited editions locally. Local production require less energy, fuel packaging etc. and supports people who are creating consciously. It also supports Artists and crafters who stay home and create with their children.

Find inner Peace through doing "The Work"
Help expose human rights abuse.
Children of enemies create Peace
Everyday Gandhis
Celebrating others
Coping with loss
Waging Peace

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