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As a top rated Ebay seller I was always on the hunt for fun and unique items to sell in my store.  Often I would come across things that would be just right for friends or relatives and because I shipped orders out daily, It was easy for me to send out  gifts here and there while filling my orders.


When I knew that my mom would be traveling to visit my aunt I thought... how fun would it be to ship surprise gifts to them that they could enjoy together at my aunt's house!  My mom and aunt both love chickens so I decided to mail  items to them with a chicken theme  (chicken shirts, silly chicken hats chicken candy etc.) It was hilarious! and just as much fun for me to imagine their surprise and  to hear  all about the joy and fun that the gifts had brought them as it had been for them to receive them!


   That was it...

I was officially hooked on surprise gift giving!


The next step in Presents over time's evolution was when I found a series of about 15 Thomas the tank engine books for my Nephew who absolutely loves Thomas.


 I decided that rather than mail the books out all at once I would wrap  them up individually, pre-stamp them and create a fun experience for him to look forward to every week. Little did I know how terrific this experience would be for all of us!


  Every week was filled with adventurous trips to the mailbox

for for both my nephew my brother and my sister-in-law.


The experience  brought us even closer while she shared with me 

"you just wont believe how excited he gets when we go to the mailbox and there's a book inside."  

I would call on the phone and we had something to relate to and chat about... 

 although far away I feel like I have a part in his life now.


Sending  books to my nephew has fueled a passion for reading inside of him that I feel so proud to be a part of

... but the best part of all?

We all feel good about creating an experience

 for Cole of love and support that we will all be able  look back on and remember for a lifetime.


It is my desire to share this same joy and delight

with you in an easy and convenient way here at

Presents over


Just follow our 3 step easy ordering system and your adventure is on it's way!