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Sacred Healing Workshop
With Jeanette Traverson,
Medical Intuitive, Energy Medicine Practitioner, & Reiki Master
Sunday, June 5, 2011
10am - 4pm

Come and gather for a day of Sacred Healing where you will learn advanced healing techniques to immediately apply to all areas of your life. There is a global transformation taking place and an awakening of the human consciousness. We are all experiencing transformation on deep levels with new energy patterns and frequencies as part of this shift that is happening. These new energies are being felt in our physical bodies as we struggle to adjust and adapt to the new frequencies and the expansion of our light bodies. They are showing up in the form of body aches, severe headaches, achy joints, nausea, dizziness, blurred vision, bloating, indigestion, insomnia, heart palpitations, muscle weakness, nerve pain and more.
This Sacred Healing gathering is open to those who have an awareness of energy and a desire to learn healing techniques that will assist them now and for years to come.
It will be a great addition to those who have an active healing practice, therapists, intuitives, and physicians, as this information is meant to work alongside and compliment other healing modalities

You will learn:
To sense and feel energy imbalances
How to put protection around yourself, your home, office, and loved ones as needed.
The importance of grounding yourself and your client before a healing session.
How to work with flower essences for healing.
The crystals that are beneficial to each chakra
To do long distance healing working with herbs, flower essences and frequencies.
How to clear, release, and shift the energy patterns that have been passed down and carried in your DNA.
Kinesiology (muscle testing) and find the areas, beliefs, time frames, people, experiences where you have stored this imbalance of energy.
To identify if an energy imbalance is a Core Belief, Genetic Belief, Historic Belief, or Soul Level Belief.
To cut cords and stop energy drainage
What are frequencies, how to identify and call on them to harmonize viruses, bacteria and more.
About the Solfeggio Frequencies and how to call on them to activate healing in various areas of your life.
How to connect with Your team of "Healing Angels" and allow them to assist you with healing.
How to clear and remove entities.
To balance, align and run energies in the body.
The sacred energy points, where are they located and how to harmonize imbalances in the body on yourself and others.
Learn sacred invocations to call on assistance for healing and transformation.

NamaSave Special Class Fee: $125/per person or $240/per couple (friend, partner, loved one or co-worker)





Who's Going?
Individual $125.00Couple $240.00