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Scroll Styles

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Thanksgiving Scrolls


Daily Meditation Scrolls
This pack contains 31 famous quotes with inspiring miniature photos to inspire you daily throughout the month as you wear   and perhaps share with others around you.


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Santa Scrolls


Miniature Aged Scroll Replicas
Before there were bound books scrolls and parchments were used to pass on important information.  The informed adventurer would have to draw wisdom from many sources.  The scrolls draw from many themes- astrology, ancient maps, Hebrew texts, medieval themes, Egyptian and herbal themes. I will send a selection of rolled and unrolled scrolls unless the buyer has a special request. A perfect touch for added dimension for any library, bookshop or spiritual store.  A cent piece is placed near the scrolls for scale.
These Scrolls are hand aged with much care and dedication in order to require and authentic look and feel. The Scrolls sell for $3.00 each or $20.00 for a set of 8.  Contact your local distributor for orders.


We are now offering "Plantable Paper" Scrolls.
These scrolls have live seeds embedded in the paper and come in a large variety of colors.
You can purchase a set of 8 for $4.00 Please contact your local distributor.


Autographed Scrolls


Scented Scrolls
These are pure cotton scrolls that work like a wick for holding scent.
These can be purchased pre-scented with the Aromatherapy Pure Essential Oils to the left or they can be purchased without scent and your own scent can be added.
A scented Scroll can be rolled up and added to the center of another scroll and gives the option of having a scent that is not necessarily "Stuck" on your skin but can be changed as desired.


Keep your scrolls to remember, to wear to trade and to treasure in your own scroll holder.
Each scroll holder comes in a choice of black or brown Faux Leather with a contrasting Faux Leather Strap.
This is a beautiful way to save and display your special collection.
Each holder has the capacity to hold 56 Scrolls and sells for $32.00 ea. (Contact your Local Distributor for details.)

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Replacement crystals or "micro-minis" are now available in sets of 8 Of course!
A set is $2.00 and is available from your local distributor.

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