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Green Emerald -like crystals grew from the scrolls!

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O.k. Everyone, I know this sounds impossible, I might not believe it if I didn't see it for myself...Here's what happened..
When I am working with certain styles of the pieces, I put them in this solution to wear on the metal a bit, It gives them a nice rustic look. Anyway, today I was re-using some of the solution that was up on the shelf from a couple of weeks ago. When I poured the solution into another container, this was what was at the bottom, there were still a few scrolls from the last time that had stuck to the bottom of the cup. Reacting with the metal, these beautiful emerald-like crystals grew all over the scrolls. I have never seen anything like it in my life. I am telling you...these scrolls are magic! (Kind of like those green crystals from James and the Giant Peach or the Emeralds from The Emerald city or like those gems in the marble bag from Goonies or as my brother says it's like when they cracked open that ceramic bunny from Romancing the stone and that huge emerald falls into the hands of Michael Douglas!)...Isn't life such an adventure?....Monica.