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The Secret Necklace carries a powerful message, the
message of your own heart.

Others may guide us on our journey but it is the
beliefs that we keep that lead us to the life that we

At times thoughts may stray when fear and doubt creep
in. Keep this necklace as a guide back to the path
that leads to your personal harmony in this world.

As you write your message upon the scroll, visualize
your desires in great detail, vivid visualization
helps in the process of attraction.
If you like, you can roll up a small photo, a quote or
a prayer to put inside your scroll, whatever brings
you comfort or inspiration.

 Sit in peace and allow yourself to look at the thoughts that come to you. What is it that you desire. Do you feel any resistance? Why? What do the resistant  thoughts look like. What are they saying? Where did these thoughts originate? Are they true? How has your life been so far believing these thoughts?
Now, Imagine yourself without these limiting thoughts. Who are you? What are you doing? How does it feel? You are now ready to write a message upon your scroll. See it, know it, believe it, carry it, live it, love it!
View your scroll regularly as you watch your outer
life shift to mirror the new beliefs that you now

You are the magic that you have been waiting for all
of your life! Remember...You carry the secret inside.


Whether you call it a goal, a dream, a vision or a passion...remember, while following your path, you are reconditioning your life. Support this reconditioning process by involving as many of your senses as possible.  These senses will trigger the response that will guide you back to the path that will lead to your dreams.
Activities to support this process:
Scent your Scroll- Everytime you smell the scent it will remind you of your intention. 
Keep you scroll in full view- so that every time you view your necklace it will serve as a reminder of your intention. When others comment on your necklace, let this also serve as a reminder.
Wear a scroll with a color -that supports your passion.
Engage others in your process! Below are more ways to help yourself to live in harmony.

Scent your Story

Scent of the month:
Brandy Parfum. So Fresh and so universal!
We love it!

 Scroll Trading
We now have pre-printed Scrolls that have messages, recipes, stories, maps and more...
These Scrolls are being collected and traded like   trading cards. If you see someone wearing a scroll you can ask them if they are open for trade. Some people wear 2 scrolls, one for manifesting and one for trading.
By being open to a scroll trade, you are open to a message that may be one that is relevant to what you are going through and may support your journey.
So if it feels right, try a scroll trade today!

Language of the Scrolls

Changing out your papers can not only give a new and different look but now that we have a "Scroll Language" You can send a message to others with the colors and patterns of the paper that you wear!...Have fun!...Monica.

By combining the colors of your scroll you can come up with multiple messages:
Pink and Silver: Were celebrating a Baby girl.
Light Blue and Silver: Were celebrating a Baby Boy.
Black And White: Feeling balanced.
 Friends can match scrolls and charms too!
Gold represents things that we honor and cherish deeply.

Silver represents  a chance to celebrate and commemorate places and events in time that we hold dear.
Copper represents strong emotions surrounding a person, place or event.
RedActivity, energy, stamina, joy in living, sexuality, Can also be worn to indicate "Looking for Love."    (When worn with a ribbon charm (Click here)- Supporting the fight against aids.)
Orange Vitality, Ambition, Fertility,Creativity. Orange is the combination of the fire of Red and the happiness of yellow. It is warm, Understanding, grounding and loving. Can Also be worn to indicate "I am Curious."
Yellow Optimism, cheerfulness, success, generosity, Can also be worn to indicate " I am Happy" Shows support for our troups when worn with a ribbon charm.
Green  Openess, freedom, harmony, peace, empathy, self-renewal, dedication. Can also be worn to indicate " I am commited" ( in a relationship or otherwise) When worn with a ribbon charm, shows support for the environment.
Blue Faithfulness, loyalty, openness, freedom (light blue); responsibility, respect for others and for tradition (dark blue) Can also be worn to indicate " I am a good friend "
Purple Insight, spirituality, intuition, growth, transformation, devotion and psychic energy. Can also be worn to indicate "I can be trusted."
Pink Sensitivity, Kindness, generousity, and beauty. Pink is loving without judgement. Can also be worn to indicate " I am  a loving person."  When worn with a Ribbon Charm pink can show support for Breast Cancer Cure research.
Black is the color of the critic. It is both reality and survival. It represents the laws of matter and gives contrast to the other colors in order to maintain balance and grounding as night gives balance to the day.  Black is mysterious and can represent excitement or  danger.Wearing black can indicate "I  think and analyze." and may also mean mourning,  lack of spirit or trust.
White represents purity and innocence.  White represents the light that shines from our spirit source. It has the power to heal all.  Wearing a white scroll can indicate " I trust, I believe in spirit, I am open"   Or as in holding up a white flag...a surrender of ego or the need to defend to survive.