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These are artist handcrafted  pieces.  Each one is completely unique.  
We strongly support our distributors so please be sure to purchase your necklace from the person that directed you to this site.
If you are interested in becoming a distributor, you may contact us directly for more info. Thankyou!
Distributor of the Month:
The odyssey in Lubbock Texas.
Times have been changing so much lately.  A wonderful way to deal with change is to focus our thoughts not on  loss but on  adventure.
Think of your life in terms of the beautiful journey of change that it is.... this month and all year round celebrate The Odyssey.
Our Newest Distributor:
Welcome Holistic Haven!
A Sanctuary for your whole being
Individual distributors:
Washington State
 Lisa Aust (425) 290-6791
Lisa carries the light of a bright shining Angel.
She is an amazing intuitive reader, healer, mother and Artist.



Novato-Cindi Valverde (415) 898-9611
With amazing natural skill and soul, Cindi's creative approach and incredible artwork will touch your heart.
Novato- Donna Enjain-415-893-9299
Donna is a warm and loving Wife and Mother with a heart of Gold!
Thousand Oaks-Chandra Gero:  (818) 879-1474
(Chandra is an amazing Yoga instructor and Facialist!) To see her schedule visit:
Malibu -Denise Stevens (310) 457-1388
 An amazing woman that makes it all happen with character and grace!
Newbury Park  -Tracy Marcynszyn
(805) 375-2371
Tracy is exceptionally gifted in her proof-reading, editorial and press release work!
Agoura Hills -Stephanie Page (310) 980-2507
A kind and Sensitive Lady, Stephanie is warm and thoughtful to the core.
Woodland Hills- Kim Hill (818) 692-4728
Kim is a make-up Artist with years of experience and a vast celebrity clientele yet is always kind and approachable. She works on  the show set but  if you're lucky, she might be able to fit you in for a personal photo shoot, wedding or special event. (Kim travels too!)
Moorpark-Deanna   (805) 497-9734  An Exceptionally gifted  Belly Dance instructor and patient and loving lady, Deanna can help you flex twist and enjoy your way into excellent shape!
 Orange County/ Malibu-
Nancy Stewart (310) 573-3664  Nancy is a wonderful and beutiful woman with a positive attitude and zest and love of life. Contact her for information about the scrolls...she is a wonderful guide to help you find your own passion
Currie Stevens 310-457-1388 A very sweet person, with fire, passion and amazing ideas! She is our youngest distributor at the age of 10! You go Currie!
 Los Angeles, California- Patti Penn
Reiki master, Emotional Technique Practitioner
West Hills-Sherri Boxle (818)404-3537



Park City-Nancy Stewart (435)730-0241


Aspen-Melissa Erlanger (970) 618-3584 
Las Vegas  You will feel at home from the moment you meet Melissa, she is very kind and sincere.
 Melissa Erlanger (970) 618-3584

California (310) 456-tops(8677)

Bob and Dawn

Long time Gallery owners with a record of amazing support of Artists, I love this couple!


The Akashic Bookshop California(805) 495-5824

Truly Transcend when you visit this store on Thousand Oaks Blvd. A kind and dedicated will always feel at home!


True Yoga (805) 449-4225


 Agoura-The Jerry Solomon Group (818)874-9175

 Carole really knows her stuff! A great lady with a fabulous selection of products! Carole's store carries the classic scroll.


Agoura-The Candy Jar 818-706-0404

For a store with a store of sweet treats and terrific gifts that are fun and trendy, Give a call to Dianna at The Candy Jar!


GraEagle- EcoCentric --Products for Earth Conscious Living (530) 836-0852


LosAngeles- Handmade Galleries L.A.







Evergreen- Tall Grass Spa and Salon (An Aveda Salon)







The Odyssey
2216 Broadway St.
Lubbock, TX 79401
Phone: (806) 744-2459





Your Sacred Journey

A truly inspirational group!





The Vitamin Store - (219)794-0015

Gale is a true Veteran in the industry with a feel for what your needs. A very nice person too!





Crystal Connection-(850)878-8500

You are in loving hands when you visit The Crystal Connection. They have created an environment for love and healing and will offer to you amazing support in your peronal journey!








A Note to my Wonderful distributors... First, thank you,  I am so grateful to all of you! Many of you have had some amazing  stories of synchronicity surrounding the Scrolls. I would love to share them here on the distributor page. Big or small, I would love to hear about them. Sharing experiences of inspiration brings joy to all of us. You all bring light to others....Love Monica.