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Inspiring Stories, Press and Events.

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Calendar of Events

We have had the joy of being featured in some wonderful publications!....
This first article I am so so pleased with. This article really tells the story of the scroll necklaces and how they have developed up to this point. This was a really fun interview.
Bella Online is a very up to date and inspiring magazine to read. I highly recommend it!
Thank You Bella Online!
 Your Health Connection
This is a very informative and beautiful publication and our article can be found on the back page in the shopper's corner.
Thank you YHC Magazine!
 We have been selected in New Age Retailer as Best of show at the LosAngeles Gift Show out of thousands of other retailers!
In December our company "Family of Artists" was spotlighted in Aura Magazine. They will had a feature article on the Scrolls, Cindi Valverdes amazing cut cards, Bloom's Plantable paper and Grounds for Peace Coffee ground jewelry!
Also in December 2007 The Scroll necklace was featured in Savvy Miss magazine (The Swarovski Scrolls specifically.)
Our Coffee Ground Jewelry was also be featured in a book on ways to improve the environment co-authored by Tracy Marcynszyn at insight editorial.
This book will be featured at  Barnes and Nobles book
Stores Nationwide!


Last week, my mom called me to tell me that my grandpa was in the emergency room and they didn't know what was going on. I was so scared, I was crying and thinking the worst. I then decided that I was going to focus on seeing him as well. I wrote a message on my scroll seeing him well and healthy and two hours later, my mom called to tell me that grandpa was o.k. and that whatever was going on had passed on it's own.


Last month I had been sick and was terrified about being able to pay the rent. I didn't know what I was going to do. I wrote a message about Paying the rent on my scroll. I went down to the office to let them know about my finances and she was able to set-up a payment arrangement and I was able to pay my rent for the month!


I saw myself as winning 2 times on one ticket...I got 2 numbers.... interesting.