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Lucky Necklace

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Congratulations if you have received the Lucky Necklace.  If fortune has it, your Necklace is traveling the world.  Handmade by me,  each Lucky Necklace is a one of a kind  containing a numbered and hand stamped scroll. Remember,   your Luck begins when you give it away. 
Note: The first Lucky Necklace in existence was not numbered and contained only the words "Give" watch the journey of this necklace in our guest book below.
To follow the Specific Journey of the numbered necklace that you received,  click here:


Note: The fabric scroll inside and out can be sanitized by spraying or wiping with disinfectant and can even be hand washed if necessary.
If for some reason a necklace should need any kind of repair, please contact me and I will be glad to repair it and mail it back to you.  Thank You...Monica.

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