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Lucky Necklace Artist Series Submissions

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Hello Artists...First off, Thank you for the beautiful contribution you make to our world!
We are currently offering an opportunity to 40 Selected Artists Nationwide to be part of a project called "The Lucky Necklace" 
Here is the story: The Lucky Necklace is a Branch off of a piece called a "Scroll Necklace" This Necklace carries a small rolled up scroll upon which are written dreams and intentions. These pieces are available in gift shops Nationwide and are getting quite a bit of press.
The Lucky Necklace series contains pre-printed scrolls which state that
"True fortune happens when the necklace is given away to the person who comments on it." Consequently, these necklaces are traveling the world from person to person at a rapid rate. Recipients are able to go online to follow the Journey of their specific necklace.
The purpose of this project is to connect us with a message of hope and to show how rapidly love and generousity spreads.
Each Lucky Necklace is a metal, stamped, one-of-a-kind piece. Currently numbers 1-50 are traveling the world.
So here is where you come in... 
A series of 160 Necklaces will be known as:
                            "The Artist's Series"
Miniature versions of Artist Original works will be printed on one side of the Scroll while the message of the Lucky Necklace will be printed on the other.
Each Artist will have the opportunity to showcase 3 of their own favorite Artworks. Ones that reflect their personal style and perspective and carry a message that they want to get out to the world.
All recipients of this traveling necklace will be directed back to where they will follow the journey of their necklace and will read your Artist's Bio and follow a link to your Website or can call you.
 You retain all copyrights to your Artwork, however, by submitting your artwork for use in the Lucky Necklace, you give us the right to reproduce the images for use in promoting you and the Lucky Necklace project. You also give permission for us to share your story with others in print or other forms of media communication.
Instructions for Submissions:
Please send 3 High Resolution photos of your own original Artwork to:
Also please send along a Bio About you....What is your story? Why would you like to be a part of this project?
The 40 Artists will be chosen based on Skill, creativity and of course,passion!
All Lucky Necklace submissions must be in by March 17th (St. Patrick's Day of course!)